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Saturday - August 26, 2023

WA has reached a tentative agreement with Frontier Communications for a four year contract covering all members in BA 142. The contract with Frontier achieves significant wage increases, preserves existing job security language, and maintains quality health and welfare benefits.

The following are highlights of significant changes.


Friday - August 25, 2023

The Union and Company Bargaining Committees have continued to meet throughout the day. 

Bargaining will resume tomorrow morning.


Wednesday - August 23, 2023

The CWA and Frontier Bargaining Committees have continued to meet this week.  

Progress continues, but there remain unresolved issues. Key outstanding issues are wage increases that reflect the membership’s hard work and contribution to the Company’s success; maintaining healthcare; and securing bargaining unit work. 


Sunday - August 20, 2023


The Union and Company Bargaining Committees have continued to meet throughout the day. The Committees made significant progress on Work at Home, progress on Jobs, continued progress on Active Benefits and are still actively engaged in bargaining on Wages and Retiree Benefits. The Union and Company have been unable to secure a full agreement by 11:59 tonight.

The Union has not agreed to an extension. The contract is expired as of 11:59 pm, Saturday, August 19, 2023. Under federal labor law, all the economic terms and conditions (wages, benefits, etc.) remain in effect, so long as the Union does not strike, and the Company does not lock us out. This is called maintaining “the status quo”. 


Friday - August 18, 2023

The CWA Bargaining Committee and Frontier Bargaining Committee have continued to meet.

The Union Bargaining Committee continues to work long hours to address our members' issues.  Tomorrow will be another long day.

The mobilization activities today showed the Company how engaged our members are in bargaining.  Our message has been sent.


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