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GENERAL AGREEMENT between CWA and Frontier

Monday - August 03, 2015

Frontier CBA142 General Agreement

Legacy Bargaining Report #1

Thursday - June 25, 2015

Legacy/Original Frontier contract was to expire on July 31st at 11:59pm, but has been extended until August 31st at 11:59pm.

Union and the company will meet again on 8/20-21


Thursday - April 24, 2014

The Union and the Company met today. The parties have agreed to extend the current contract and all of its existing provisWns and conditions of employment until Saturday May 31 at 11:59p.m. Tomorrow's report will have an updated status of bargaining.



Thursday - April 17, 2014

The Union and the Company met this afternoon. Conversarien on proposals continued.  Proposals discussed were the Grievance Procedure, Business Attire, Medially Restricted Policy, and Work-At-Home. The Committees are scheduled to reconvene tomorrow.

BARGAINING REPORT #1 - 6/18/2013

Tuesday - June 18, 2013

Bargaining with Frontier opened today with the Union and the Company exchanging opening remarks and stating their respective goals for this round of bargaining. While both sides summarized their demands, we exchanged no formal proposals.

The Union advised the Company our goal is to negotiate a contract that is not only fair to the Company but also our members, a contract that protects good Union jobs and a contract that gives our membership the opportunity to grow along with the Company. The Union is focused on maintaining our members' standard of living including healthcare, pension, and wages. 

The Company advised the Union their goal is to gain greater flexibility including the expanded use of contractors and the ability to shift work around as they see fit. The Company expressed a desire to control expenses by shifting healthcare costs and changing the way we are compensated.

It is apparent to the Bargaining Committee that the Union and the Company are conanmed with many of the same issues. Unfortunately, we are far apart on how to deal with these issues. It is obvious that this round of bargaining is going to be a hard fought battle.

We are in this fight together, negotiating a new agreement for 1600 union members, their families and our retirees. Show the company you are committed to this battle. MOBILIZE! Stay informed and remember "Solidarity Forever."

Our members are reminded the only accurate information they will receive will come from the Union.

Tomorrow, the Union will continue preparing proposals for presentation on Thursday.

Bargaining will reconvene on Thursday, June 20, 2013.


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