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Monday - March 19, 2018

The Union and Company Bargaining Committees met today.  The Company provided a clarification to its March 16th settlement package.  The Union Bargaining Committee has prepared a response that will be delivered at 8:30 AM tomorrow.  The Union Bargaining Committee will remain available to meet 24/7 until a contract is reached.  A strike report will be provided every night from now until the end of the strike.

Striking members received notice of cancelation of healthcare by Frontier at the end of month.  The Union has processes in place to care for the healthcare needs of our members and their families while on strike.  A detailed explanation will be provided on the Union Hall Call scheduled Thursday, March 22 at 8:00 PM.  (Call registration information will be sent out tomorrow.)  We are also preparing to send information by mail.  If members have questions before Thursday contact your Local.

The Bargaining Committee wants to thank all members who have stepped up to mobile picket.  Every SCAB in this state will have a mobile picket following them. CWA wants to thank all of the Unions and everyone from the Community who have supported our picket lines. 

A Rally is scheduled for Saturday, March 24 1:00PM – 4:00PM in front of Frontier’s West Virginia headquarters at 1500 MacCorkle Avenue, Charleston, WV.


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Friday - March 16, 2018

Since day one of the strike, the CWA Bargaining Committee has been available to meet 24/7.  On day seven, a Company Representative reached out to the Union and expressed an interest in trying to identify outstanding issues in the hopes of moving towards an agreement and settlement of the strike.  The Union Representative and Company Representative met Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week and discussed a possible path forward.  It was agreed the Union and Company Bargaining Committees would meet today to attempt to resolve the outstanding issues and reach an agreement for a successful contract and a conclusion to this strike. Upon meeting with the Company this morning, the Company presented a settlement package that not only didn’t resolve any outstanding issues, but added three additional issues to the table.

One of the added items is an attack on our Ashburn, Virginia Network Operation Center and the elimination of the employment security they have today.  A second was the addition of a healthcare proposal that is worse than the proposal for the prescription drug plan than the proposal on the table at the expiration of the contract. The third is the addition of a third-tier consultant to the call center in Charleston.

The Union caucused then returned to the table in the afternoon.  During the afternoon meeting, the Company amended the settlement package to include the withdrawal of the Contracting Initiatives letter that threatened Operators, Assignment Administrators, Maintenance Administrators and Engineering Assistants.  The Union rejected each and every one of the Company’s newly proposed demands.  We told the Company we are not agreeing to eliminate the employment security or our members in Ashburn.  We will not add an additional tier to the call center for consultants in Charleston.  The Company’s proposal to now add an even worse prescription drug plan which the Company could not explain was blatantly regressive bargaining.  We rejected language increasing the 0.7% language to 25 per year.  The Union restated all of our demands still on the table including Employment Security for all members. 

After almost two weeks of this strike it is clear to your bargaining team the Company neither cares about nor is in any hurry to reach an agreement that will end this strike and put our members back to work to service our customers.  Each and every member needs to double and re-double your efforts to demonstrate to this company that we are going to continue to fight until we achieve a fair contract that protects the jobs of our members and provides a quality network for our customers. This strike has received nationwide support from CWA and other union members across the country. We will continue ratcheting up the pressure from the membership, the public, and elected officials until the Company comes to the table and secures our members jobs and invests in the quality network our customers deserve.


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Tuesday - March 13, 2018

Since the strike was called on March 4, 2018, there have been no meetings between the CWA Bargaining Committee and the Frontier Bargaining Committee. District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney has spoken with Frontier representatives.

The message Ed delivered was simple. To reach an agreement and settle this strike, everyone in the bargaining unit must be covered by employment security and the expanded use of contractors must stop.  Frontier promised the State of West Virginia a well-run, modern telecommunications network. In order to deliver, it must commit to investing in the infrastructure and to the highly-skilled, dedicated workforce. The Union Bargaining Committee is ready and waiting on Frontier to respond.

Ten days into the strike our membership is solid.  Your solidarity is amazing.  Our message of good jobs and quality service resonates with our customers, our communities, and our elected officials.  They have all given us tremendous support.  Everyone needs to keep up the great work.  Stick with the mobile pickets; they are working.


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STRIKE REPORT #1 - Updated

Wednesday - March 07, 2018

Since the strike was called there have been no meetings with Frontier.  CWA advised Frontier that the Union Bargaining Committee is available to meet 24/7.  The Company responded it is willing to meet to discuss the offer made prior to the strike which failed to provide Employment Security for all and positioned the Company to contract out work performed by Operators, Maintenance Administrators and expand the use of contractors for work performed by Engineering Assistants.  That offer wasn’t acceptable then and it is not acceptable now. 

The strike is holding strong.  Keep up the good work!  The SCABS have arrived and mobile picketing will be ramping up.  

We have seen an outpouring of support from CWA members across the country.  Every Local has received support from the West Virginia AFL-CIO, its affiliates, and other labor organizations.  The community response has been overwhelming.  Numerous elected officials have voiced their support in our fight for jobs in West Virginia and Virginia.

A Town Hall Call will be on March 8, 2018 at 8:00 PM.  Watch for registration information.  It will be provided asap.

We want to congratulate the AFT, WVEA, WVSSPA, and WVTA/CWA Local 2019 on the successful end to their fight with the passage of HB4145 “Pay Raise Bill”.


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Sunday - March 04, 2018

The Union Bargaining Committee met with Frontier late into the evening.  The Union made several attempts to reach an agreement.  Frontier refused to provide Employment Security for every member and was intent on expanding contracting in the Operators, Maintenance Administrator and Engineering Assistant job titles.

From the beginning the Union Bargaining Committee expressed that the top priority for this round of bargaining is Employment Security, Quality Affordable Healthcare, and the Reduction in Contracting.  Now these issues move from the bargaining table to the streets.

Our key issue at the bargaining table is making sure Frontier is providing good jobs and good service to West Virginia.

When Frontier purchased Verizon's lines in West Virginia in 2010, they promised to continue to provide high quality service to families and businesses across the state. Instead, we have seen a sharp increase in customer complaints that has coincided with job cuts.

People depend on their phone lines for things like medical monitoring and to stay connected with emergency services. This is particularly critical in the many rural areas in West Virginia where cell phone service is unreliable.

There are not enough experienced, well-trained employees to get the job done. Customer complaints have increased steadily over the past three years, rising 69% from 639 complaints in 2014 to 1,072 complaints in 2017. Since 2012, Frontier has cut over 500 good, middle-class jobs in West Virginia, and has announced a plan for additional layoffs in March.

To provide opportunities for our kids and support businesses, West Virginia needs a well-run modern telecommunications system.

CWA Strong, Union Strong!  WHEN WE FIGHT, WE WIN!.


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