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The Union and Company Bargaining Committees met today.  The Company revised its benefits proposal removing the regressive language that was passed last week on prescription drugs.  The Company still proposed the following: Job Security for only 85% of the workforce, the ability to increase the limitation on the transfer of jobs from the long standing 0.7% of the bargaining unit to 25 jobs per year, and the closing of the Ashburn NOC.  The Company further expanded upon their proposal to add a third-tier consultant title with a maximum pay of $15.50/hour with the possibility of a small commission.

A second meeting was held during which the Union stressed that Job Security for everyone remains our top priority.  The Union rejected the changes proposed to the 0.7% language, the closing of the Ashburn NOC, and the creation of a third-tier consultant.  The Union is reviewing the Company’s benefit proposal.

Over the last few days the SCAB patrols have enjoyed a medley of weather conditions.  Reports coming in have the SCABS doing little or nothing other than driving back and forth.  The flying squadrons are working.  We need to increase our patrols.  Contact your Local to sign up for tomorrows mobile picketing!

Be sure to register for the Union Hall Call scheduled Thursday, March 22 at 8:00 PM.  Plan on attending the Rally scheduled for Saturday, March 24 1:00PM – 4:00PM in front of Frontier’s West Virginia headquarters at 1500 MacCorkle Avenue, Charleston, WV.  CWA National President Chris Shelton, District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney, United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts, West Virginia Senator and 3rd Congressional District Candidate Retired Major Richard Ojeda II, and several other CWA Supporters are scheduled to speak.


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