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No formal meetings were held today.  Our major issues remain unresolved.  The Union Bargaining Committee was available and prepared to meet all day and remains so at the time of this report.  The frustration that every member is feeling is equally shared by the Union Bargaining Committee.

The Rally was great with hundreds of CWA Members, our Union Allies, and several pro-worker elected leaders in attendance.  The crowd, energized by the dynamic speakers, let everyone at 1500 MacCorkle Avenue know we are resolute and steadfast in getting a good contract.  Thank you to everyone who attended all the CWA members, and our supporters who helped make the Rally a huge success.

Throughout the state, CWA members who didn’t attend the Rally worked on the business at hand doing strike duty and making the flying squadrons effective. Everyone is doing great.  Our persistence is impacting Frontier and keeping the SCABS running around doing little to no work.


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