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In Sympathy

The Executive Board and Members Of CWA Local 2001 would like extend our deepest sympathies to:

  • CHRIS SEYMOUR for the loss of his FATHER 

May you find comfort and strength knowing your loved one will never be forgotten.


  • Congrats to LAURA LILLY on her retirement

When to Notify The Local Office | FYI

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The Local Office Needs The Following Information When

  • Someone Retires
  • Someone Moves And/or Changes Mailing Addresses
  • Someone Marries, Gives Birth Or Adopts A Child
  • Someone Passes Away Or Loses A Family Member

Please Let Us Know!


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2020 Scholarship Winner

Friday - July 17, 2020

Winner of the CWA Local 2001 $500.00 scholarship for 2020 is Kendall Merrell.

Daughter of member, Brian Merrell. Congratulations!

Frontier's top eight executives have made a proposal to the bankruptcy court

Wednesday - July 15, 2020

Frontier's top eight executives have made a proposal to the bankruptcy court requesting up to $16.1 million in additional "incentive" compensation this year. This is on top of nearly $8m in bonuses these executives paid themselves just before the bankruptcy and $5m in regular salary they are already due to receive. The package total would translate into $1,895 for each CWA member.

The bankruptcy court will hear Frontier's proposal this Thursday, July 16th.

CWA has filed a statement of opposition with the court, stating that these payments are "plainly unfair and inequitable, particularly in the context of the many Frontier employees who are steadfastly carrying out their work in trying circumstances"


We are asking members across the country at Frontier to voice their objections to these payments as well. Frontier's message to customers is "Don't Go it Alone" but Frontier executives need to be reminded that They Didn't Do It Alone.

Instead of enriching themselves at the expense of our members and the business, Frontier should be rewarding the frontline workers for keeping the business afloat through years of mismanagement and under-investment.

The attached invoices for CWA members' fair share of the incentive package are intended to be shared on social media.

Members can share the digital file OR print out the pdf file to share a selfie with the bill on social media.

Thank you 

Mark Raines

President CWA Local 2001

Download this file (Frontier Invoice.pdf)Frontier Invoice.pdf[ ]58 kB

Proper PPE in the Field

Monday - April 06, 2020


If you do not have the proper PPE to keep you safe in the field, stay put at your garage or reporting location until you do.

The company has stated PPE would be arriving over the weekend and today.

As you are staying put, do not congregate, maintain the social distancing rules that are in place, do not make the situation worse.  If you have the necessary PPE, do your best per the new guidelines to service the customer without going inside the premises.

Mark Raines
President, CWA Local 2001


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