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Due to circumstances beyond our control with the U. S. Postal Service, a new Convention Delegates Election has to be held and the previous Election has been voided.

The Communications Workers of America West Virginia State Council has voted to endorse 2016 West Virginia primary election candidates.  

Endorsed on the statewide level are Jim Justice for Governor, Natalie Tennant for Secretary of State, Jason Pizatella for Auditor; John Perdue for Treasurer, Walt Helmick for Agriculture Commissioner, Doug Reynolds for Attorney General and Darrell McGraw for Supreme Court.

The following legislative candidates were endorsed:

2nd Congressional District

Mark Hunt

State Senate Districts

1st Jack Yost; 2nd Lisa Zukoff; 3rd Bradley Vanzile and Greg Smith; 4th Brian Prim and Dustin Lewis; 5th Bob Plymale; 6th Rocky Seay; 7th Art Kirkendoll; 8th Glenn Jeffries; 9th Mike Goode; 10th Dave Perry; 11th Denise Campbell; 12th Doug Facemire; 13th Roman Prezioso; 14th Bob Williams; 15th Brad Noll; 16th Stephen Skinner; 17th Corey Palumbo.

House of Delegates Districts

1st Ronnie Jones; 2nd Phil Diserio; 3rd Shawn Fluharty and Erikka Storch; 4th Mike Ferro and Joe Canestraro; 5th Dave Pethtel; 6th Chris Combs; 8th David Bland; 9th Jim Marion; 10th Andy Daniel, Bill Merriman and Stephen Ruble; 12th Missy Morris; 13th Scott Brewer; 14th Samantha Fooce; 15th Terrence Turley; 16th Sean Hornbuckle and James Stacy; 17th Chad Lovejoy and Matthew Rohrbach; 18thPaul David Ross; 19th Ken Hicks and Matt McComas; 20th Justin Marcum; 21st Phyllis White;  22nd Jeff Eldridge and Gary McCallister; 23rd Rodney Miller; 24th Ralph Rodighiero; 25th Frank “Bucky” Blackwell; 26th Ed Evans; 27th Sabrina Shrader, Lacy Watson and Carol Bailey; 28th Wayne Williams and Bill O’Brien; 29th Ricky Moye; 30th Mick Bates; 31st Kristen Ross; 32nd John Pino, Margaret Staggers and Greg Crist; 33rd David Walker; 34th Brent Boggs; 35th Andrew Byrd, Shawn Little, Ben Adams and Benjamin Sheridan; 36th Nancy Guthrie, Larry Rowe and Andrew Robinson; 37th Mike Pushkin; 38th Tom Tull; 39th Shannon Hagerman; 40th Melissa Riggs Huffman and Ronald Shamblin; 41st Adam Young; 42nd Stephen Baldwin and Ray Canterbury; 43rd Bill Hartman; 44th Dana Lynch; 45th Bill Hamilton; 46th Peggy Donaldson Smith; 48th Tim Miley, Richard Iaquinta, Derek McIntyre and Wayne Worth; 49th Dave Gobel; 50th Mike Caputo, Linda Longstreth and Tim Manchin; 51stBarbara Fleischauer, Nancy Jamison, Billy Smerka Jr., Evan Hansen and John Williams; 52nd Steven Shaffer, 53rd Al Tomson; 55th Isaac Sponaugle; 57th Beverly Cookman Keadle; 59th Cat Webster; 60thGary “Peanut” Collis; 61st Jason Barrett; 62nd Christy Santana; 64th Barby Frankenberry; 65th Sammi Brown; 66th David Dingess; 67th Rod Snyder 


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