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Executive Board

Kenneth Williams, Jr. President
Anita Atkinson Executive Vice President 
Robin Young Secretary-Treasurer 
Susan Adkins  Vice President at Large 
J.D. Hodges Vice President at Large 
Brian Mullins Vice President at Large 
Mark Raines  Vice President at Large 
Roslyn Williams Vice President at Large

Stewards - Frontier CBA 142

STEWARDContact #
Susan Adkins  304-382-8423
Anita Atkinson 304-545-5611
Sandy "S.K." Bailey 304-389-9341
Brian Breitkreutz 304-545-2616
Margo Cain 304-546-3891
Patricia Guthrie 304-415-7281
Letha “Lee” Perry  304-552-1562
Mark Raines  304-545-1803
Mark Scites 304-545-8641
Jeremy Sweeney 304-546-9310
Mike Walker  304-562-3647 304-421-7719
Ken Williams  304-543-5711
Roslyn Williams  304-543-1758
Robin Young  304-546-8728

Frontier Legacy

STEWARDContact #
John Bradfield 304-684-3454
Dan Collier  304-923-3238
Fred Cottrill  304-290-8346
Terry Duffield  304-880-0817
Joey McCumbers 304-932-7754
Michael Smith  304-532-2832


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